Kum Nye is a subtle sensitive approach to yoga from the Tibetan tradition. Gentle exercises, breathing techniques and self-massage work together to develop vitality and balance. The exercises are traditionally used for deep relaxation, self-healing and as a preparation for meditation.
Shamatha meditation practice enables us to begin to let go of distractions and allows us to focus on one thing. In Tibetan Relaxation and Healing Exercises we create sensations through movement, massage, sound, and even with visualization – these sensations then become the object for meditation.
So Kum Nye is essentially meditation interspersed with movement exercises. When we move, we move the sensation(s) that we habitually (and conceptually) call the body. We then relax into, and expand, these feelings and sensations. On a deep level the practice is as much a form of mindfulness as it is a physical exercise – a form of meditative movement, guided less by thinking and more by what we’re feeling. It’s a way of becoming embodied - more sensitive and present to our body in all its vitality and wholeness.
Kum refers not to our physical body but to our presence in space, the sum total of our embodiment. Nye means to stimulate and massage.
Through accumulated tensions we have lost contact with our body; we live largely in the head. By listening to & relaxing into the sensation of the body & the breath in our Kum Nye yoga practice (& eventually in our everyday lives) we can expand our awareness & become (re)embodied.
This embodiment is a birthright & leads to an ease, lightness, flexibility & deep sense of well-being.
Kum Nye yoga was brought to the West by Lama Tarthang Tulku.

Saturday Ealing Practise Group

Ealing Kum Nye Saturday Practice
Sat 10am - 1pm

Friend's (Quaker) Meeting House in Ealing, London
All welcome even if you've missed a few sessions recently or indeed if you're new to Kum Nye. 
No need to book - just turn up. Bring your cushion or folded blanket to sit on. Refreshments provided.
1st Feb, 14th March, 4th April, 16th May, 13th June and 4th July
Contact: bodhiyogauk@gmail.com

Kum Nye: Tibetan Relaxation and Meditation Workshop

Holborn, Central London 10.00am - 4.00pm An introduction to a range of Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga practices including breathing, movement, meditation and self massage. The session will be mainly experiential. Some background theory will be given and there will be time for participants to explore the relevance of Kum Nye Yoga to their own lives, particularly in relation to stress management.

Sun 31st May - Book through the City Lit (course code FFC34) - enrolment: 020 7831 7831

From Caterpillars Into Butterflies
Four Urban Retreat Weekends: Day/Time: Saturday 10.00 to 17.00 and Sunday 13.30 to 17.30 (non residential)
Each weekend can stand alone but, as they complement each other, is best taken as a course.
Useful if you wish to take time for yourself, to explore new elements of dharma and yogic practice and find ways to engage with yourself and the world on a meaningful and embodied level.

Presense and Transformation 15th and 16th Feb. Whatever approaches we're most influenced by, our practice can be seen as a way of becoming more embodied, more sensitive to our experience and more present to the body, in all its vitality and tenderness.
The Healing Dimensions of the Heart 18th and 19th April. Our most transformational changes come from the heart. Opening the heart gives us access to the ability to open outward and engage with the world on a more meaningful level.
Openness, Clarity, Sensitivity
19th and 20th Sept. Opening up the senses, attuning the inner ear, tasting joy - yoga as prayer.
Weaving the Dance of Life
5th and 6th Dec. Expressing our true nature - Kum Nye Dance.

Snacks and hot drinks provided. Bring a packed lunch on the Saturday.
£85 each or book all 4for £295
Friend's (Quaker) Meeting House in Ealing,
Contact: bodhiyogauk@gmail.com