What is Spirituality?
What is Prayer? 
Is there any such thing as either?

These are questions we asked in practice in last nights workshop...

If your yoga practice is a prayer - it becomes an expression of honouring your own life and of honouring life itself.

A high ideal? I don’t think so. We do it to a degree anyway all the time. Often people ask me how do I choose what to practice at home out of class as if it’s some mystery. But the intelligent answer is simple: become the alchemist of your own life and transformation by choosing the practice you need to bring balance to your present situation.

Physically this can be as simple as a restful practice when we need to wind down or an energising practice when you need a boost. Emotionally practice can be a little harder to gauge. But if we are first of all responsive to our feelings and accepting of who we are, we can let go of agenda and see where we’re drawn.

A practice with a focus, related to your current physical or emotional state, is directly honouring everything you are. If you feel stuck in a crisis or are continually mulling over a problem chose a practice that allows space. If you feel a little out of sorts or disconnected from the world or from others do an earth practice - ground and settle. Even just kick your shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass awhile!

And the days when the going’s good, nurture and feed that, choose a practice that emerges from how you’re feeling, that expresses and enhances your joy.

Whatever you practice, guard against yoga becoming yet another ‘self improvement program’ where you’re trying to change who you are and get ‘better’. Be gentle with yourself. As we relate to the self (body and mind) so we relate to the world. 

Rooted in this compassion, this ‘love in action’, let your practice be a way to observe deeply and respond intuitively and skilfully to how you’re feeling. Practice because it feels right to you.

And from my own experience I know things are going well in my practice when there’s a lightness of touch, a playfulness in my interaction with the world.

Spirituality and prayer for me mean being curious, exploring my inner experiences with a dose of humour and glee and enjoying things evolving and growing.