“There is simply no need for doctrine  because we are all alive as Life here.”


“The teacher should only teach what makes sense to the student. The arbitrary imposition of philosophy or idealistic views can create more conflict in a person because his or her daily experience may seem so different from the inspiration or assumed goal. There is simply no need for doctrine because we are all alive as Life here.” Mark Whitwell -Yoga of the Heart

While the intellect controls the spiritual / the animal respects what's natural / Ying and Yang control man's actions/ and both are a natural reaction. / On reflection it was not all crash and bang / broken bottles and abuse. / Sometimes there was sunset on the sands. / Holding onto caring hands /It was truly natural / Though it was really animal / truly animal / There were times when there was absolute compassion in the air /true love is really animal.
Animal - Ray Davis, The Kinks