The Kum Nye Pressue Cooker

A friend asked me as I was packing on Thurs night, why another week immersed in Kum Nye? It's difficult to explain to a non-KNer. However I read this on the plane and it goes some way to explaining:

"There are many approaches, many ways. What is unrealistic, however, is to become a mother or a business women and at the same time expect to be able to do the same kind of practice designed for hermits... Whether one is a monk, a nun, a hermit or a business woman, at one level it's irrelevant. The practice of being in the moment, of opening the heart, can be done wherever we are... It's just that it's easier to do in a conducive environment away from external and internal distractions... The advantage of going to a cave is that it gives you time and space to be able to concentrate totally. The practices are complicated [and] require much time and isolation. Going into retreat gives the opportunity for the food to cook. You have to put all the ingredients into a pot and stew it up. And you have to have a constant heat. If you keep turning the heat on and off it is never going to be done. Retreat is like living in a pressure cooker. Everything gets cooked much quicker."

Tenzin Palmo, Cave in the Snow  - Quoted in Sara Maitland's (Book) Silence