“As you develop the sense of  connection between  inner and outer, between the calmness within and the openness of space around your body, you can invite more of the fresh open quality of space in ... and enjoy a deeper level of relaxation. Touching space in this way cultivates a sense of the body floating in space, profoundly calm, yet vibrant with a deep silent joy.”   (Joy of Being, Tarthang Tulku)


The 'Space' workshop went well on Sunday. Approaching the hall in the morning all the hard edges were taken off the world; softened corners and fog blurred outlines. This served us well really, as an image for the boundaries of the body softening and dissolving...

How does it feel to be you? How does it feel to relate to each other from a place of space? 

“As they expand and accumulate, the feelings and energies flow together and become integrated; once they are integrated, they naturally stimulate each other, developing further within themselves. Then every sense impression, breath, and movement deepens and increases enjoyment, and experience comes alive in the body. A deep feeling of fulfilment flows through every vein and organ, gathering richness until the boundaries within the body dissolve and the very outline of the body melts into surrounding space. Then living becomes enjoyment, and stimulation becomes relaxation. The texture of space nourishes us.”
(Kum Nye Yoga, page 293 - Tarthang Tulku