Some of you may know, my current attention is investigating creativity - and on this there’s more on this to come. Last Thursday, as normal, I asked the regulars at the beginning of class was there anything they’d like to address tonight? One student just shrugged and said ‘something different, some thing new.’ Then this morning I was musing on what would have been the right response and an article by Jay Millar (who I haven’t come across before) came into my inbox. So here it is...

“How can you ignite your creativity when so much of asana is repetitive in its form? Repetition is the nuts and bolts behind asana. You actually do have to keep doing the same poses in order to master them. But many yogis can get stuck in a rut, gravitating toward one approach or one set of poses or a sequence that permits no deviation.

You will learn so much about the components of your pose by changing its relationship to gravity. It is endlessly amusing and produces dozens of variations … many of which are even more effective for your body than the “classical” version! This satisfies the body’s and mind’s need for novelty, and will also teach you about the relationship between the muscles and tissues surrounding your joints in a given pose. Often we are unaware of how to use the many structures that are required to build integrity in a pose. When you “shake up” a pose, you shake up your practice, and your “yoga block” becomes a helpful prop rather than a hindrance in your evolving practice!

So pick a pose and get started!