Doer and deed refined until they're gone...

Doer and deed refined until they're gone...

Shifting from 'doing' to 'allowing' with a Kum Nye exercise...
Kum Nye Method to transition from doer to awareness:  Taste the feelings

1. Feel

2. Receive: allow the feeling to come; being in the heart is one way

3. You taste what you receive
  • ■Can stick out the tongue a little; put the tip of the tongue inside the feeling

  • ■The tasting becomes primary, not the taster

  • ■Kum Nye Tasting:  take it in, chew it, savour it, swallow, digest, assimilate 

To help with the transition to no more doer (or doing), do Kum Nye expressively

Express to extreme


                                                   Be in the Heart            

                                      Do Kum Nye in AWE, at the border of prayer...

Be 'in it'                                                        "own it"

No more doer...