"Yoga is a journey from the Self to the Self through the Self." - Bhagavad Gita

One to one yoga

One to one yoga is an effective way for you to address your individual yoga and wellbeing needs. Whether you're starting out, adapting an already established practice, working on a particular goal or recovering from injury. Other advantages include developing  a routine that is regular and fits in with your own schedule.

The practice is tailored to your needs, it takes into consideration the following factors:
  • The amount of time you have available each day
  • The time of day you will be practising
  • What you want to achieve through your practice.
  • Your abilities
  • Your difficulties
The practice may include different kinds of exercises, chosen according to your needs and abilities. These may include postures, movement and breathing exercises as well as relaxation or meditation if appropriate.

Once you’ve been given a routine the onus is then on you to practice.

Cost within London zone 1-4
1 hour at student’s home:     £60.00
1 1/2 hours at students home:    £75.00
Studio space can be arranged where necessary in Ealing, West London.
Charges can be negotiated with regard to: ability to pay, my travelling time, number of sessions booked.
Contact: bodhiyogauk@gmail.com

Notes: I'm not a medical practitioner and reserve the right to let you know if your condition is beyond my abilities to assist with.
I'm a male practitioner - if you wish to have a colleague, friend or family member sit in during your one to one session you can and for safeguarding purposes sessions can be recorded. I'm also very happy to recommend several very good female practitioners if you should prefer.
Likewise if you need a specialist yoga therapist for a particular condition - I'm happy to recommend one.