"In learning to relax we discover a whole new way of being." Tarthang Tulku

Qi Gong (pronounce Chee-gong, sometimes written as Chi Kung) is a Chinese practice sometimes known as 'Daoist yoga'. It's an energy stimulation practice working with the principle of 'xing ming shuang xiu' which means spirit and body are equally refined and cultivated. Utilising both stillness and dynamic flowing movements, breath work and visualisation and imagery, it brings qi, life force/prana into the body and allows it to circulate. Movements tend to be slow, circular, repetitive flowing and graceful. Many of the images employed are elemental - fire, wind, water and also drawn from the animal world - cranes, deer, monkeys and tigers all influence certain Qi Gong movement. Qi Gong practices ultimately work towards creating peace-of-mind, greater internal balance and overall vitality.

Thursdays - ongoing
Moving to Stillness 8.00 to 9.00am
Breath work, Qi Gong practices, Meditation and simple self massage. Finding ease and presence and freeing restrictions in body, breath and mind.
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Drop in £12 (or save money booking with a Yoga Class Pass. 6 classes for £54).
Resumes 14th September

Breathe and Relax
1.00 to 2.00pm
Find freedom and ease in this practical and fun online class exploring your breathing and letting go tension and stress.

26th Sept to 28th Nov (10 weeks)
Online - City Lit.
Book directly through the
City Lit
Cost £149/£119/£104

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Both Yoga and Qi Gong classes can be booked as a Drop-in or you can book a Yoga Class Pass for a discount (up to 6 Yoga or Qi Gong classes). To book with a pass - select the class you want first, select pass, then you can pay. You can allocate your classes/dates at this point or later as you wish.