"If we choose to engage in our own lives more fully, we will also engage with others at a deeper level. We will begion to value our interconnectedness." Caring - Tarthang Tulku

Learn to integrate head and heart to have a joyful life

Caring for Yourself is a 12-week course based on the book ‘
Caring’ by Tarthang Tulku. The 'Caring approach' has the power to integrate ‘head and heart’. Caring helps you to cultivate a compassionate and wise friendship towards ourselves and others.

Explore caring from the heart as the starting point to self-care

In this 12 weeks course ‘Caring for Yourself’ we practice relaxation and ease. You will learn to access the inner resources of caring. Open caring within yourself: for yourself and in your relationship with the world.

  • Integrate your head and heart to have a caring and joyful life.
  • Explore your beliefs about caring for yourself.
  • Learn about your obstacles to caring.
  • Practice attitudes and behaviours that reveal and express your true caring nature.
  • Create new conditions to care for yourself and others in a positive way.
  • Fill your heart with gratitude and become friends with who you are now.

Practical information about the Caring for Yourself course

The course consists of 12 weekly classes on Tuesday evenings 20:00-21.30 CEST (19:00 – 20.30 BST) September 12th to December 5th 2023 (no class on October 24th)
This Caring for Yourself course is experiential in nature with gentle Tibetan Yoga exercises, breathing practices, guided meditation, and self-reflection.
The classes are held online through Zoom and will be taught in English. 
For who
The course is open to all, both new comers and experienced meditation, yoga or Kum Nye students. The most important requirements are a sense of curiosity and an open mind.
A copy of the Caring book is recommended – available through your regular book shop or through 
Dharma Publishing
Taught by Bram Williams

Course cost € 155. Book here.