Like Water Through Water: Kum Nye Self Massage

rs197031_919008_v-hpr-2 “Massage means interaction. When you massage yourself, you are not affecting only one place on your body; your whole body participates in the massage. A reciprocal relationship develops between your hand and the muscle or the point the hand massages, generating feelings that stimulate interactions throughout the body. Interaction also occurs between physical and non-physical levels of existence, and this interaction stimulates certain energies that, not restricted to the body’s boundaries, spread to the surrounding world.”

Kum Nye Self Massage Weekend:
This weekend will be suitable for anyone with an interest in yoga, meditation, massage, body-work practices or similar.
Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October 2019 At Domus Mariae Retreat Centre.
We will start on Friday - arrivals from 4.30pm and conclude on Sunday after lunch. Domus Mariae Retreat Centre is annexed to Chigwell Convent. Set in pleasant surroundings, it is within easy reach of London, by both public transport or by road. Food is vegetarian and specialist diets can usually be catered for. Accommodation is single rooms. Towels and linen are provided.

Cost for the weekend is £240

How to book: Send an email to registering interest & requesting booking details.

Workshop proposed content:

All sessions will include self-massage, and exercises from “Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga’ as well as relaxation and meditation practices.
Proposed sessions include, but aren’t limited to, the following:
Enjoying Sensation: Neck & Shoulder Massage. Also the basics of sitting and Kum Nye meditation.
Stimulating Inner Energy: Belly and Back Massage. With some Kum Nye breathing practices.
Balancing the Body: Foot, Leg and Hip massage. And mindful standing and walking.
Balancing the Senses: Arm and Hand Massage. Introducing some more moving exercises.
Sacred Energy: Chest Massage. Working with some key Kum Nye practices - including Opening the Heart.

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