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Accessing and Preparing for an Online Class

So far people have found it surprisingly easy to access the online class, even those who have said they are beginners with online technology.

1. You will need to download the Zoom app to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is free. Link to download Zoom: www.zoom.us

2. Click on the link for the class you want to attend (see class schedule and/or email reminders for specific links). Please try and join with your audio/microphone and video camera on. It might be worth you having a play beforehand. I will arrive 10 mins. early to assist with technology as much as I can.

3. Have your mat and yoga block, and/or a cushion and blanket ready with you. Put yourself somewhere clear and spacious if you can. If you have toddlers and pets crawling all over you then join in anyway, it's OK. Do keep your microphone muted, more about that below.

4. I am doing the classes from my living room and will be mainly giving verbal instruction as getting a view of my whole body in demonstration is not always possible. The classes, at least to begin with, will be simpler than they sometimes are, to keep everybody safe. It is a bit different for me to teach online and harder for me to observe everyone at the same time. This will also keep it very accessible to all.​

5. When the class is in session please make sure your microphone is muted (there is a button to do this on the Zoom screen menu). Otherwise there is cacophony every time someone moves or the phone rings or the dog barks. I may also turn your mics off from my end. If you need to ask a question then wave your hand. If I don't see you, you can unmute yourself by clicking on the mic button on your own screen.
6. Payment for Kum Nye, Meditation and Dharma Delights is a suggested amount - please feel free to give more or less as you see fit. Yoga classes are fixed prices as this is my primary income at this time. If you are generally struggling at this time due to Coronavirus contact me for concessionary rates.
Payment methods:

Bank transfer: Bodhi Yoga UK, Account Number 65319888, Sort Code 089299 Or send a cheque: email bodhiyogauk@gmail.com to get my address
Paypal link - donate here

Feel free to ask any questions about online learning via