Recent workshop themes include:

Like Water Through Water: Massage Weekend

Domus Maraie Convent, Woodford Essex
11th to 13th Oct
Going 'back to basics' and exploring the Self-Massage that underpins the exercises in Kus Nye Tibetan Yoga
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Space: The Final Frontier

A British Wheel of Yoga Masterclass

Hammersmith, London. 28th April 10am to 4pm

Ever finished a yoga class in Savasana and felt as if the physical body had dissolved?
What if this wasn’t the end of your practice but the starting point?

Using practical exercises drawn from both Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Yogas this workshop will explore how when we move, we move the sensation(s) that we habitually (and conceptually) call the body. We’ll then relax into, and expand, these feelings and sensations. On a deep level this way of working in our yoga is as much a form of mindfulness as it is a physical exercise – a form of meditative movement, guided less by thinking and more by what we’re feeling. It’s a way of becoming embodied - more sensitive and present to our body in all its vitality and wholeness. The selection of practices during the day will reflect the needs and abilities of the group, while also offering people a safe place to challenge their conceptions and thinking about what yoga is. Each session will include a period of quiet relaxation and meditation.

Hammersmith, London W4. Download a flyer

Asana as a Bridge to Pranayama (and beyond!)

September 2015
Exploring some key concepts from chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras including an introduction to sutras 2.49 to 2.53 - learning to develop sensitivity and awareness in yoga practice. Using asana to prepare for pranayama. Including breath release exercises and breath based meditation.

Venue: Goytre Village Hall, Penperelleni, Abergavenny, NP4 0AR

Led by Bram Williams

Mindfulness: Discovering the Way of Awareness

July 2015 Although mindfulness meditation was originally a Buddhist practice, it can be utilised by any interested person as a way to cultivate greater moment-by-moment attention in daily life. To practice the art of mindfulness means to come to rest in the present moment, with whatever is there. During this day-long course you will explore a variety of ways to develop your practice including mindfulness in your thoughts, feelings and even your body. Venue: City Lit, Keeley Street, Holborn London. EC1

Exploring Kaya Mudras

July 2015
A summer workshop class involving asana, breathing and Kaya Mudra practices. By popular request, this workshop will explore some of the energetic body mudras from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
Venue: Friends Meeting House, 17 Woodville Road, Ealing, London. W5 2SE.

Opening the Heart - Cultivating Compassion - March 2015

Explore a subtle and sensitive approach to developing compassion. Explore gentle exercises, visualisation and guided meditation.

Loosening Up the Self Image April 2015

A Kum Nye workshop - exploring movement and meditation and how we relate to the self and the world
Like Water Through Water: Kum Nye Self Massage 2014

rs197031_919008_v-hpr-2 “Massage means interaction. When you massage yourself, you are not affecting only one place on your body; your whole body participates in the massage. A reciprocal relationship develops between your hand and the muscle or the point the hand massages, generating feelings that stimulate interactions throughout the body. Interaction also occurs between physical and non-physical levels of existence, and this interaction stimulates certain energies that, not restricted to the body’s boundaries, spread to the surrounding world.” Five Kum Nye Self Massage Workshops: Workshop dates and content: Feb 8th Enjoying Sensation: Neck & Shoulder Massage. Also the basics of sitting and Kum Nye meditation. March 8th Stimulating Inner Energy: Belly and Back Massage. With some Kum Nye breathing practices. April 12th Balancing the Body: Foot, Leg and Hip massage. And mindful standing and walking. May 17th Balancing the Senses: Arm and Hand Massage. Introducing some more moving exercises. June 14th Sacred Energy: Chest Massage. Working with some key Kum Nye practices - including Opening the Heart. Download the workshop flyer

Yoga and White Tara

A day of gentle yoga and White Tara practices with Anna Howard and Bram Williams Spacious Awareness! Through awakening to our innate wisdom, our experience of ordinary suffering changes and White Tara in particular can offer us healing and extended life. An introduction to White Tara, drawing on the teachings and methods she has received from some of the most respected teachers of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. There will be an opportunities for awareness meditation, visualisation and mantra recitation – practices which invite the direct experience of White Tara's presence and blessing. This workshop was co-taught with Anna Howard. Anna has been teaching mindfulness and meditation workshops since 2004; she has a particular interest in White Tara. She is also co-founder of the Oxford-based White Tara group and author of 'Death: Breaking the Taboo', a book exploring the benefits of a positive attitude towards death.

BWY Teachers’ Forum: Best Practice for Hyper Mobility

18th September 2016

As yoga teachers we all encounter hyper-mobile students – they are the yoga students who can often do very impressive yoga postures. But do you know how to work with them? • What is hyper-mobility? • How do we safely integrate a hyper-mobile student in a class situation? • Should we encourage the development of strength and stamina, rather than furthering their existing flexibility? At Studio Yoga, London N21